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Tree Planting, Transplant, Installed Services In Houston Texas

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Tree Planting is our specialty! Houston Tree Planting Service has planted many trees for local residents and business owners for over 40 years. Keeping trees healthy and growing strong is our mission here at Houston Tree. We have planted many hardwoods, pines and oaks of all variations for both Residential and Commercial property owners. Each tree is different and requires a custom approach to planting it and maintaining proper growth to ensure a healthy life cycle. Every time we preform a Tree Removal service, our company will offer an option of planting back a tree or shrub in its place.


Trees will vary in price according to their species and size. Ask our sales rep about tree planting techniques and what kind of trees or shrubs will benefit you the most.

Houston Tree Planting Service

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  • Oaks
  • Pines
  • Maples
  • Crape Myrtles
  • Elm Tree
  • Birch
  • Apple Trees
  • Plum Trees
  • Hack Berry
  • Willows
  • Any Tree, Shrub, or Bush!!
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Tree Planting is one of the best decisions you can make for your Property. Houston Tree Planting and Transplanting Service is enthusiastic about helping clients select the Right Trees for your land, the proper method to use in positioning them, and Where the tree will live are equally important factors. We use nurseries that are as dedicated to the care of their trees, shrubbery, and plants, as we are to all of our installation of them.

Any size tree you prefer can be obtained. From a smaller one such as the Oak pictured above, or figs to the right.  For a more immediate look of "fullness and maturity" larger specimens can easily be obtained.

Houston Tree Planting Service Arborists
 and Certified Tree Workers are meticulous in getting your trees the most optimum conditions for generations of long, healthy life

As mentioned, Houston Tree Planting Service also Transplants trees. If you are moving and have a tree you can't bear to leave behind, chances are, if it's not over a few decades old, it can be moved to your new home. The extraction of a well-established tree must be carried out with careful planning.  For instance, certain times of the year are better than others for moving a large tree. The location and soil needs to be prepared ahead of time to receive your tree. If you have chosen trees from the tree farms we use, they require being dug up, which means 50-60% of the root system will be left in the ground. Trees root are so far-reaching, and usually at least as long as the tree is high, so, of course, all the root is not coming. The autumn and mild early wintertime in Texas  is a prime time to dig up or transplant trees,  since many tree species go dormant during the winter months. The benefit of this is if your tree goes into shock, it won't look like it's dying, as is often the case with transplanted trees and shrubs in full bloom. Also, the tree roots won't have to battle excessive heat to get water and nutrients to all extremities. The tree have a few months to settle in and get a jump on establishing their root system in the new location before the brisk spring growing season arrives.


Whether you choose your trees from a container, tree farm, or transplanted, Houston Tree Planting Service has the precise methods for bringing your trees home. We follow up with to ensure your trees are "settling in" and provide regular maintenance to keep your trees thriving.

Remember our Free Estimate while planning your project. Houston Tree Planting Service is proud to extend this valuable "extra". You'll know ahead of time all work, purchases, and time necessary for the job and nothing begins until we have your approval and are confident all is understood between both parties. Our customers are always pleasantly surprised about the way we work within their budget-and the High Quality Service you receive
Our goal at Houston Tree Service is to have satisfied, repeat clients for life! We look forward to having You being our next!

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