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Houston Residential Tree Care Service

Houston Texas Residential Tree Service is at Your service!  Forty plus years in the Tree Care business and still growing strong-like a healthy Oak . Customer Satisfaction, Quality Work, And Affordable Prices keeps our clients returning for all their Tree Care needs. We naturally service Commercial companies also. For more information,  we invite you to click on "Commercial" in the tabs to your left
We provide all the knowledge, expertise, and dedication your trees and landscape could ever desire.  Our Arborists and Certified Tree Care workers love their important work and it shows in every branch they trim.  Preservation of a healthy, tree-filled environment is vital to people everywhere. Therefore, we never stop acquiring more knowledge, trying ingenious methods, and custom approaching all our jobs.
There is an overwhelming amount of Tree Care companies available. There is So much more to this work than wielding a chainsaw and driving a pickup! Please don't settle for an indifferent, untrained crew. Your trees and other plants can have natural growth functions ruined for life with improper, wrongfully positioned cuts, misapplied fertilizers, or ineffective insect control-if not outright killed!
Houston Residential Tree Care Service carries all certifications, are fully insured, and have countless references from happy clients-some who have been with us for decades.
We do all size jobs-from many wooded acres to a few beloved trees in a cozy backyard. Every job we take on is given complete absorption by our Arborists and Crews. Trimming, pruning, thinning, shaping, removal-or entire Landscape themes,  tell us your desires and ideas-we'll turn them into a magnificent reality. Read on for more insight into our company's goals, services, and ethics. We would love to provide excelling care for your precious Trees and Landscaping!

Houston Residential Tree Care Service
At Your Service

Trees on our property add a wonderful feeling of security and permanence. Most of us remember great times reading, playing with friends, or just admiring the beauty of trees in our yard.  Trees also attract a dazzling array of birds with their pretty songs, plus provide cover and shelter for them and many small animals. Trees can even be used in teaching our children about how  nature's cycles are designed to care for each other. Houston Residential Tree Service knows well the value of trees, not just for our family, but financially as well. Vibrant, healthy trees add 15% and up to our property value.  Plus, the opposite is true. Poorly maintained, sickly trees will reduce the value of our home monetarily, and all other ways. Such trees are often a cause of property damage when branches break, or even injury.
Houston Residential Tree Service extends Free Estimates and Tree Assessments. Our Certified Arborists and Certified Tree Care Workers bring the collective wisdom, knowledge, and practical application of over 40 years in this business to every new job we do. We invite you to take advantage of this Free Estimate to learn trustworthy information of the condition of your trees. Our Arborists are well-versed in each species of Texas trees, both the similarities and differences. We custom treat each tree according to its needs. As mentioned elsewhere in our Website, this approach has earned us the trust and repeat business of thousands of clients since we  rolled out our first truck. We are very proud of this reputation and feel it worth mentioning several times! That is the work ethic we deliver to all customers-we want you to turn to Houston Residential Tree Service for All your Tree and Landscaping care-every time!
Do you notice any indication your Trees are having problems?  Maybe there seem to be many insects in and around your trees. Does the foliage appeared discolored-not just from the time of year?  Trees will get your attention using many signals if something is wrong. (Click on the "Sick Tree Identification") tab.  Any afflictions your trees have should be taken of right away to avoid further deterioration of the tree-or it becoming too far gone to save.
Tree cavities and fungus are never a good sign. That tree needs Help!
Mushroom-like growths indicate a problem that needs attention ASAP.

Our Residential Services Include:

  • Trimming
  • Pruning
  • Fertilizing & Spraying
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Cabling & Bracing
  • Drought Protection
  • Lot Clearing&Debris Removal
  • Awesome Storm Cleanup
  • Regular Scheduled Maintenance
  • Seasonal Clearing & Overhauls of property
  • Emergency Services 24/7
  • Free Estimates
  • Certified Arborists & Tree Care Workers
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Any Other Services Your Trees May Require

If you do happen to have a tree or trees needing Removal-don't panic. We perform flawless white-glove Tree Removals routinely. Your property and surrounding structures or trees will remain unscathed through the process. Houston Residential Tree Service is family-budget friendly as well. We have very reasonable prices as our clients will testify, and offer payment methods that will work for your budget. Removing these dangerous trees provides peace of mind that your family, friends. and neighbors will be safe on your property.

Each situation is unique in Tree Removal. Often, the extraction of the tree can be done without the use of heavy equipment. Sometimes, though, cranes or a bucket truck are employed for the safety of our workers and your home. For instance, a tree may be too unsteady to climb, there may be very little space to maneuver between the tree and other trees or structures, or any of a number of other variables. See "Tree Removal' please.

Don't delay in getting your Trees scrutinized. This is a very busy time of year and keeping all your surroundings beautiful and safe is a smart decision. Our friendly, well-informed Customer Service staff answers questions and schedules appointments 24/7 for your convenience. Call Today and let Houston Residential Tree Service make the outside of your home and grounds as safe and lovely as the inside!

Houston Residential Tree Service covers all areas pictured here, plus more. Call us, we go where necessary to take care of your Trees! Thank You!

Houston Residential Tree Service

"A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever"
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