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Katy Tree Service, a division of Houston Tree Service, offers total Tree Care with Arborists and Foresters on Every jobsite. We service Katy, Brookshire, Rosenberg, Richmond, all surrounding areas, and throughout Texas. Our Tree Removal, Trimming, Cutting, Pruning, Spraying and Fertilization, Stump Grinding, Lot Clearing and Debris Removal services are completely insured and certified for your peace of mind. We also provide Free Estimates and top-notch crews. Katy Tree Service has been enabling Commercial and Residential clients to enjoy the most beautiful, well-card for properties throughout TX. for over 40 years. Our clients know they can count on us every time for on-time service, affordability, and superior workmanship.
Katy Tree Service specializes in: Tree Trimming and Pruning, Tree Cutting, Tree Spraying and Fertilization, Stump Grinding, Lot Clearing, Debris Removal, Tree Removal, and all facets of Tree Care.

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Katy Tree Service is the Right Company to select when you need trees cared for. We have been renewing, repairing, or removing the trees of Texas for four decades. That vast experience will be brought to Your property with results you will be thrilled with!  Tree services handled improperly, or by inexperienced, poorly-trained crews, can destroy your trees, or interfere with natural growth functions for years to come. Katy Tree Service employs Foresters, Arborists, and Crew Members who are certified and well-versed in all areas of Tree Care. Our people are passionate and dedicated to their work of preserving healthy trees and removing dead ones so others can flourish.  Our crews work with safety and respect for your property at the forefront always. They follow specific "rules" to trim, cut and prune trees, avoiding the use of "spikes" so damage to your property is eliminated. Large limbs, branches, and logs are lowered extremely carefully so other trees and structures remain unscathed.

Katy Tree Service has worked unceasingly over the years to build and maintain an impeccable reputation for quality work and outstanding Customer Service. The Commercial and Residential clients we work for know they can depend on us to have their job finished flawlessly the first time. In fact, Katy Tree Service will exceed your expectations beginning with the initial visit. You will be given a Free Tree Assessment and Free Quote at that time. The Estimator will discuss with you what should be trimmed, or removed, according to your needs and desires.
Tree Trimming and related services will greatly enhance the appearance of your home , property, and landscaping theme. Well-kept, healthy trees will substantially improve the financial value of your home as well. If you are in need of a diseased, dying, complex, or dangerous tree removed, trees trimmed and pruned, or any related Tree Work, call Katy Tree Service at 713-966-9595 or fill out the form below. Katy Tree Service will promptly respond to schedule your Free Estimate from the best crews available!

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Katy /Houston Tree Service At Your Service!

Like all living things, trees require care and attention to thrive. Climate has a significant bearing on the ability of a tree to prosper. Texas is certainly a very diverse weather state. We have it all:, from scorching hot summers, lengthy droughts, almost constant winds in some areas, strong, tornado-producing storms, hurricanes, massive flooding, and unexpected freezes as well. No wonder our trees need care!  Katy Tree Service crews, with Arborists, Foresters, and top-quality crew members, are proficient at handling all types of weather conditions and their effect on trees.
It is unheard of for a tree to die of simple old age. Other factors causing a tree to become sickly are: Lack of sufficient water, soil deficiencies, and certain insect infestations. Pine Bark Beetles, for example, are a serious threat to our Pines. These pests feed on trees weakened by Long, Dry, Hot, summers and can kill Pines in a few short weeks! Katy Tree Service specializes in: Pines and Oaks, (all species), Elms, Maples, Sweet Gum, Hackberry, Talas, Crepe Myrtle, the list goes on.  There is no tree in Texas or the United States, we can't properly trim, cut, prune, spray, fertilize, care for, enhance, or remove safely and efficiently.  We receive the most Extensive and Intensive training in the industry and recognize What is ailing your trees and the best methods for restoring health to diseased, dying trees.

Adequate water and fertilizer are a must!

Katy Tree Service will handle the work of Any size property. From many wooded acres to a few well-loved trees in a small backyard, or somewhere in between, we utilize methods encouraging conservation through cultivation and care or removal if necessary. Your work will be finished on time and Always to your satisfaction.

Branches occasionally grow too large and unwieldy, becoming structurally unsound. This poses a risk of branches breaking and falling, causing possible injury or damage to your home or vehicles. Trimming and cutting specific limbs improves the tree canopy, overall appearance, and promotes more orderly growth patterns.

The fierce thunderstorms and hurricanes we experience occasionally also wreak havoc on trees and property. Katy Tree Service will be there when you need us in an Emergency situation at 713-966-9595!  Intense, sustained winds cause such extensive damage, it is imperative to have a highly trained, professional team ready to take on the task of restoring your trees and property. Many people are injured and killed each year attempting to cut and remove large, wind-destroyed branches or entire trees themselves. Tree Removal is by far the most dangerous aspect of Tree Service and one Katy Tree Service excels at. Using the latest equipment and safest techniques, we ensure your work will be finished safely, within the quoted time frame, and for a price we guarantee you will be pleased with!
Clients of course wonder: How long will Tree Removal take? This is determined by several factors such as: The actual condition of the tree, Can it be climbed?, for example. What is the proximity to other trees or structures? Is the current weather stable enough for work to begin? Every situation is different, but during your Free Estimate, the Estimator will discuss all circumstances with you.

Katy Tree Service has been family owned and operated for well over four decades. Established by Desmond Allred, his son, Ashley Allred, and partner Brandon Murphy have ran the company for many years. Adhering strictly to the highest standards of work excellence and outstanding customer service has earned us the trust and repeat of thousands of clients since our inception, both Commercial and Residential. Satisfaction, Affordability, and above all, Quality, are what our clients have come to rely on and expect from Katy Tree Service. Contact us Today at 713-966-9595 to schedule your Free Estimate. We look forward to the privilege of serving You!

Our courteous helpful Customer Service answers calls and sets appointments 24/7. Call Now to schedule your Free Tree Assessment at 713-966-9595!

77493, 77449, 77423, 77494, 77450, 77082, 77094, 77407, 77406, 77084, 77433, 77095. If you do not see your zip code. call us anyway. We cover a very extensive area and will travel where necessary to service your trees.

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