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Houston Emergency Tree Removal Service

Emergency Tree Service, Removal, Cutting and Trimming, by Houston Tree Service, are just a few of the timely services we have provided to thousands of clients over the past 40+ years. Our company is one you are able to rely on, day or night, 24/7. "Emergency" indicates the matter needs dealt with ASAP and usually they don't occur at the best time. Our company realizes that and will be there when you need us!  Urgent tree services are needed when a tree, limb or large section of a tree has fallen on your home, car, garage, commercial building or property and it needs to be removed immediately! Other reasons you may need an emergency Tree removal service is because a tree is ABOUT to fall and could cause damage. Trees that have fallen on your home or commercial building should be removed immediately so any injury or further damage is prevented.

Houston, Texas Tree Removal Service specializes in dangerous tree cutting and removal services that will get a tree cut and cleared away at night, during inclement weather, or complex situations. We provide FREE estimates, whatever your emergency tree care situation is! We are a fully insured company, comply with all Health & Safety Regulations, and use Certified Arborist and Tree Care workers.  Your family's safety, and our workers safety are always our main priority and it shows in all the safety techniques, equipment. and clothing we use.

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Reasons a tree may fall unexpectedly are: They may be leaning far over at an awkward angle due to improper growth and the weight has become too heavy. A tree in this situation may fall with NO warning!  We have seen trees just fall over due to heavy flood waters causing the tree to uproot and keel over-long after the waters have subsided!  Hurricanes, damaging winds, ice storms and weak trees from diseases or root rot are other reasons trees may fall unexpectedly.
All of these situations provide excellent reasons to have your trees regularly examined and maintained by Houston Emergency Tree Service.

Upon arrival at your home, we ensure all imminent threat of danger or damage is gone. We tarp your roof to prevent water damage.
Protecting your property is a weighty responsibility and we would like to help you in your time of need. We specialize in insurance claims made with removing a tree from your home or property and will bill your insurance directly and have them pay out of pocket, not you.
The type of equipment Houston Emergency Tree Service uses will depend on the severity of your situation, and the condition of the tree(s). Listed here are some of the benefits we offer and heavy equipment we employ if the job is unable to be done by hand:
  • Immediate Responses
  • Complete Tree Care
  • Affordable Removal Prices
  • Cranes
  • Bobcats
  • Pulleys
  • Winches
  • Tractors
  • Bucket  Trucks
  • Special Roping Techniques
  • High Tense Holding Rope
  • Good Old Picking Up & Throwing Off The Roof By Hand!
Emergency Tree Removal Houston TX

The condition of the tree(s) is also critical to which form of equipment is used. Is it able to be climbed? What is the proximity to other trees or structures? How large is the tree?  These and other weather factors need to be determined before work commences.
Of course, these factors will impact cost as well. Usually, the more dangerous a tree extraction is, the more it will cost to have it removed. Large equipment will increase cost. We feel very confident that, along with our thousands of repeat clients over the years, you will be pleasantly surprised at the time and price involved to restore your property to a safe condition. Our easy-to-follow contract is agreed to and signed when you are in full understanding and agreement once all work is explained. Any other questions you have such as:
Will you want the stumps ground and removed?
Debris hauled off?
Firewood cut if possible?
These and everything else you have questions about will be covered during your initial Free Assessment, with no rude surprises later!

Houston Emergency Tree Removal  is the Right company for you-in Emergency situations and when all is calm. We are a staff of dedicated, dependable Teams, and will go how ever extra miles are necessary to keep you safe, satisfied, and enjoying serene, beautiful surroundings. Call Now if there is an imminent danger of tree trouble! We have live operators ready around the clock to get help to you promptly!

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