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Houston Commercial Tree Service

Commercial Tree and Landscaping Services by Houston Tree Service is here to help.

Are the grounds around your place of business as welcoming and appealing as you would like?  Are your Trees and Shrubberies clear of all diseased, weak limbs and branches?  Overgrown shrubs and tree branches pose a problem because they often obstruct vision and make pulling in and exiting bothersome and unsafe for your Patrons. Or maybe  a fresh, new landscape idea would improve the attractiveness and safety of your Business?
Houston Commercial Tree Service is the answer to your Landscape/Tree Care needs. Our Company has been diligently creating beautiful, hazard-free landscaping for Houston businesses for well over 40 years! Over those years, we have gained an unblemished reputation for quality work, customer satisfaction, and Affordable prices. We are proud to have earned the trust of so many Houston businesses, as well as dozens of surrounding cities.

  • Our Services:

  • Free Estimates
  • Trimming, Thinning, & Pruning
  • Tree Spraying & Fertilization
  • Thorough Maintenance of Existing Landscape
  • New Landscaping
  • Tree Planting
  • Cabling & Bracing
  • Drought Protection
  • Lot Clearing & Debris Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Emergency Services 24/7
  • All Performed by Certified Arborists & Certified Tree Care Professionals

Houston Commercial Tree Service delivers prompt, first-class workmanship and old-fashioned values, including " Customer Service is Always First".  Bringing our highest standards of work to every job is the only way we know. These qualities of business conduct has earned us the trust and repeat  business of countless clients over the decades.  We take immense pride in the reputation we have gained since our inception. Our clients particularly enjoy the reasonableness and flexibility of our prices given the superior work they receive.  To your left click on "Payment Plans" to review our many options of payment.
If the trees and plants at your place of business seem to be in good condition-Excellent! They will certainly stay that way with our regularly scheduled clean-ups and maintenance. Never underestimate the impact well-kept, attractive grounds have on your customers. We all tend to look favorably on a business where such obvious care is taken even of the foliage.  Naturally, it shows you have pride in your company, your clients, and our town.  It tends to make people feel assured you will take even better care of them!

Houston Commercial Tree Service provides unsurpassed restoration, fast clean-up, and white-glove tree removal if necessary when bad weather strikes.  Our crews will work swiftly and flawlessly to get your property cleared and restored. Your Business will be up and running again in record time with Houston Commercial Tree Service on site!
Another aspect of our Texas weather is the Droughts.  We are able to install irrigation and sprinkler systems so your Landscaping investment never is kept healthy with enough water to remain healthy.  Deep root fertilization and spraying against diseases and insect invasions are also beneficial during droughts, since plants and trees are fighting to stay alive-we need to help them. In other words, no matter what it's doing outside Houston Tree Service has you covered!

Yes, it is very important to have a welcoming, lovely arrangement of trees and shrubbery encircling your business, but it is absolutely critical to have a Safe environment!  Unkempt bushes, large, overgrown branches, and any sort of untidiness at your business are eyesores and Dangerous. If entering and exiting your business is unsafe because of decreased visibility, customers will go elsewhere.  Parking, exiting, backing up, and entering your building should be convenient and easy.  Avoid the risk of accidents by having Your business be a model of charm and customer safety.
Houston Commercial Tree Service is ready and eager to get your place looking better than ever. Call Today!


Houston Commercial Tree Service
Beautify your Business- The Possibilities are Unlimited!
If you're anywhere on this map, we've got you covered! Outside this particular area-give us a call-we will go where necessary to service your trees! Thank you.

Houston Commercial Tree Service
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