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A Houston TX Arborist Compay

Certified, insured, a treasure of wisdom in tree preservation and affordable arborist services in Houston, Texas. We help all the surrounding towns, cities and communities with impeccable tree care services. Thousands of residential homeowners and commercial businesses have relied on our expert advice for over 45 years!

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Certified Arborist Consultation - Arborist Consultant - Tree Care Maintenance
Tree Planting - Trees Injected - Fertilization Of Trees & Shrubs - Root Barriers
Bio Barriers - Soil Aeration Services - Root Collar Excavation - Bug Control
Tree Insect Services - Tree Diseases Diagnoses - Plant Care - Urban Tree Care
Emergency Services - Tree Spraying - Tree Transplanting & Removed
Deep Root Fertilizing - Plant Pruning & Trimming

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Houston Tree Service and their team of certified Arborists have all necessary credentials and are fully insured, strictly complying with all Health and Safety Regulations.
 A Houston arborist and a variety of tree companies are covering the internet it tree care services each month, but can they be trusted? There is a flood of choices-so why should you select our certified arborist in Houston, TX?

Those ar good questions, but also an easy one, " dedication". Our arborists and certified tree workers have it. Our teams stay at the top of their field by loving the important work they do and never become "stunted" in their growth. Each tree, plant, shrub is a challenge our Houston arborist and tree workers get absorbed in solving. Diagnosing, healing, assisting trees to thrive is what they are passionate about. This quality will be manifest to you from the initial contact. Houston Tree Service team members are experts in the science of arboriculture, horticultural and the study of managing and cultivation of trees, vines, shrubbery, and all forms of perennial woody vegetation plant species
. An arborist generally focuses on the upkeep, restoration, and maintenance of individual trees at a time, not usually an entire forest.

Congratulations on finding the right company for your tree care services! In addition, you have also selected a very reasonably-priced company. A certified arborist in Houston, TX knows how difficult today's economy can be on families and businesses. We feel that should not have to force us to do without beautiful, healthy surroundings. You will find our costs will fit into your budget. Differing options are available so your family will be able to see which plan works for your circumstances.

Our Arborists with Houston Tree Service are highly trained, possessing all necessary credentials. They are dedicated and passionate about the crucial work they do. After all, a healthy environment for all begins one tree at a time! When trees flourish, so do people! Houston Tree Service Arborists recognize the needs of all the varying trees and shrubbery in Texas and are familiar with what threatens each in the form of diseases and insects. They are also cognizant of diseases particular trees are vulnerable to and how to prevent them from attacking our trees. The entire realm of services an Arborist provides is vast, and much ongoing study, application, and rearch is what keeps our Houston Arborist company at the top of the field.

Houston Arborist Services We Arrange Include:

  • Certified Arborist Consultation & Consulting
  • Tree & Plant Disease Control Services
  • Insect & Bug Treatment
  • Tree Fertilization & Feeding
  • Tree Injection, Injecting & Assessments
  • Root Collar Excavation
  • Root Barriers Installed
  • Bio Barrier Installation
  • Soil Aeration
  • Tree Purchase & Planting Service
  • Tree Preservation & Care
  • Tree Pruning, Trimming, & Shaping
  • Tree Removal & Stump Grinding
  • Emergency Arborist Services
  • Payment Plans
  • Budget Friendly!
Houston Tree Service and their certified arborists apply preventative health measures through injecting or spraying custom solutions for the type tree they are helping. Arborists use specialized equipment that actually "reads" the inside of a tree-giving useful information about any damage inside.
The "ounce of prevention" an Arborist brings protects your investment  by: 1.Keeping your trees valuable so your initial outlay is safe. 2. Keeping your overall home value increased by up to 15% or more!  Conversely, unkempt landscaping decreases the value of your property the same way.
Houston Arborist Services For Texas - We appraise trees and offer tree care functions that can be of service to residential homeowners and commercial business. With our reliable and competent Arborists you can be at ease knowing that your trees are being treated first-class by trained professional that are certified in Texas. Houston Tree Service is educated in all areas of diseases, tree bug infection and forester services. Let our skillful company and certified Arborist in Houston, TX help keep preserving your trees you would like to keep, or eliminate dead, dangerous and hazardous trees safely.


Tree Services, Removal, Cutting, Pruning

Unique tree cutting services consist of: 
artistic tree trimming, proper pruning of trees, large or small wooded areas preserved and tree care maintenance. The outlook of our tree men and Arborists who are certified, can define and ensure the survival of your trees for many of years.
In fact, even the Way a tree is trimmed or pruned will affect its health for better or worse. Each cut made on a tree is a wound, so the ones made have to be contributing to the betterment of the tree. Our Houston Arborist may eradicate branches rubbing against each other, remove large limbs which are hazardous and posing obstructions on sidewalks or streets. He will remove weak, diseased, sickly limbs, or take away some limbs strategically to allow more light penetration to your yard. Master Arborist in Houston, Texas will train your young saplings to become mighty, resilient trees. Trees can even be trimmed by the true Professional Arborist to make them better able to absorb and deflect strong winds. This, in turn, increases the chances of your tree surviving a severe windstorm. Truly, making use of an Arborists' talents is an investment in the future of your glorious trees.
  • Elegant Trimmers Of Trees, Shrubs, Fruit Trees & Bushes
  • Consultation & Consulting Arborist
  • Root Barriers & Bio Barrier
  • Tree Transplanting, Planted
  • Tree Fertilization Services
  • Hardwood Trees & Pines Diagnosed, Treated
  • Correct Assessment Of Diseases, Tree Types & Preservation Strategies
  • Tree Appraisals, Removal Of Dead & Complex Tree Cutting
  • ISA Certified, Safe Workers, Fast Services & Insured Crews

We can identify many tree diseases and diagnose a treatment strategy that will help save sick trees. Fungus, molds, bacterias and bug infestation can kill a tree with in one week! Have you noticed something wrong or your feel your tree is in distress?Call us today and we will visually inspect each tree and offer advice that can keep them healthier or reasons why a tree should be removed. What is a tree removal cost? And how do you trim a tree properly? These questions and more can be answered by our informative staff, Today!

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Affordable Certified Arborist Houston TX

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Houston Tree Service Arborists can determine if a tree is salvageable, or must be removed. At times, our area of Texas suffers extremely severe weather as we all are aware. After one of these storms, a tree may be left so broken and torn apart, it has to be eradicated. For safety's sake, this should be done without delay. Trees that are left in a very dangerous condition can fall over completely or large branches break at any moment.
Tree Removal is far and away the most formidable aspect of tree care. Many people yearly are badly injured or even killed attempting to remove huge limbs and distressed trees themselves. Please leave this perilous work to the Professional Arborists and Certified Tree Care workers at Houston Tree Service. We realize disastrous weather came arrive quickly and unexpectedly. For that reason, we have 24/7 around the clock Emergency crews. Call us, and help is on the way!
Houston Tree Service
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