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Bunker Hill Village

Bunker Hill Village Tree Service
Tree Services, Removal, Trimming, Cutting, Bunker Hill Village, TX.

Bunker Hill Village Tree Service, a division of Houston Tree Service, is a fully insured and certified tree care company serving the Commercial and Residential areas in and around Bunker Hill Village, Alief, Mission Bend, Memorial, West Chase, and all areas of Houston and throughout TX. We offer professional services specializing in: tree trimming, tree cutting, tree removal, tree spraying & fertilizing, stump grinding, tree pruning, lot clearing, debris removal, and all related Tree Care Services.

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Bunker Hill Village Tree Service is the Right choice for your tree care needs. We have been caring for the trees of TX. for over 40 years and our vast experience is what is needed when it comes to caring for your trees and property. Each sales team member is certified and extremely knowledgeable in every area of tree care. Our top-notch crews follow specific "rules" to cut, trim, or prune trees without the use of "spikes" so damage to your property is avoided.  Limbs, logs, large branches, are lowered carefully to prevent damage to structures and landscaping.

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Bunker Hill Village Tree Service has built and maintained an impeccable reputation over the years helping our commercial and residential clients with on-time service, superior workmanship, and surprisingly affordable prices. Each team member is certified and extremely knowledgeable in every area of tree care. Team members will help you decide what should be pruned or removed according to your needs and desires Free of charge.
Tree Trimming will improve the look of your home, property, and landscaping, which increases the financial value significantly. If you need a dead, diseased, complex, or dangerous tree removed, stumps ground, trees trimmed and pruned, etc., call Bunker Hill Village Tree Service at 713-966-9595 to receive a Free Inspection and Free Quote from the best crews available!

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Many factors can cause trees to become sickly. Some are: lack of water (certainly an issue in our area),  soil deficiencies, certain insect infestations. Pine bark beetles are a real threat here. They feed on trees weakened by Dry, Hot, summers and can kill pines in a matter of weeks!  Bunker Hill Village Tree Service specializes in: Pines, Oaks (all species), Elms, Maples, Talas, Hackberry, Pecan, Sweet Gum, Crepe Myrtle, the list goes on. There is no type of tree in TX. or the United States we can't properly spray and fertilize, trim, prune, care for, remove, or enhance with our Arborists and quality Crews.  They are highly trained and recognize exactly What is ailing your trees, and also the most effective methods for restoring health to diseased, dying, trees.


Texas is certainly a busy weather state! Blistering heat, droughts, almost constant winds in some areas, fierce storms, hurricanes, massive flooding, and freezes as well. Small wonder our trees need help. Our skillful, knowledgeable, Arborists and crew members are adept at capably dealing with all weather situations. Like any living thing, trees require care and attention to thrive and remain a beautiful feature of our gorgeous state.

Our courteous, helpful Customer Service staff answers calls and sets appointments 24/7. Call now at 713-966-9595 to schedule your Free Assessment and Quote

77024, 77042, 77063, 77055, 77057, 77056, 77081, 77080, 77043, 77005 If you do not see your zip code, call anyway. We cover a very extensive area and will travel where necessary to service your trees.

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